The Importance of Friends and Family- How much I value you all…

At this point in my life I share this song and ask all of you to try to think back to what you were doing when this was released or first time you heard this on the radio..

I was working up in New York,Rochester, at Jack Greens Mens Shop ..with another bunch of great people and I was the youngest fact I was still 2 months away from my 16th birthday.. I was and looked very mature for my age.. if you did not know that I was mistaken for college age.

But this song has stuck in my heart and some times I will belt this out at a club … Click here and give a listen as you read this.. will set the tone and how I feel about each and everyone of you….

This is dedicated to all my friends and family … where you reside, whether it be Instagram, Twitter,Linkedin, Medium, Facebook, internet/email and the rest of the physical realm we call Earth. (make sure you read this completely)

I have a had a chance to reflect about many things in my life lately… and I realized that some times we do not always either appreciate or realize some times the mots important things are right in front of you… My significant partner in crime …. that is my focus… and should always be that way .. I don’t care about glory … so much and when it comes to her.. it does not matter whether she is an actress . an author/writer… a soon to be famous chef … could be…But all this is secondary…as it should be if you are good manager.

What I do know is that I believe in her …A heart of gold, patients to see the light at the end of the tunnel, drive, a self learner who has a tremendous amount of ambition. Whatever she says she is going to do she does. Don’t ever tell her she can not do something- that will light a spark . She is the one who keeps me focused, is in my thoughts throughout the day, even when we are not together … maybe she is traveling … or acting …but wherever she may be physically, a part of her is right here, with me, in my heart at all time. We are each others friend. And no mention of her name is needed here because she knows who I am referring to.. What we have is respect, support, trust= Love. Ingredients for a friendship and a soul mate.

Then comes the rest of you guys .. right up there.. as support and fellow collaborators on our projects .. Matthew, D.T,Rachel, Mandi,Cecil , DK, Gene and Richard…Sarah Grace, Charles, Raquel, Jessica, Cindy,Karen, Kaley, Sierra, Shania…Tom, Pete, Chris, Terry, Chaz…all of you at the D.A.V.E School, WK Books and Wengs Chop… and Cortlandt Hull, Alan Alan N. Smithee, Richard Band, Steve Rubin,Steve Carver, Yak El Droubie, Warner Archive-Matthew, Varese Sarabande-Cary, McFarlan Books-Beth, William and Joanna, Sherri, Brittany, Greg… Patty, Herbie J,Adrienne, Sifu Chris…many more.

Mom,Marie, Lisa, Darlene, Paul,Sue… Family-Family… and new additions… Eli,Steven & their significant other, Miss Ley(Momma), Abby,Wyatt, Eliza, Dakota..

and my better half…Miss Boop/Bond “Girl”/Firecracker/a Tiger…😍😎🙏😉🐯

Everyone here I listed and so many more are all multu-talented people that I have the pleasure to know….

Just 2 more things:

1) I consider you all family … obviously some are closer than others… and that makes sense since on this vary platform we are able to communicate with an incredible # of people all at once.

a- within this group I have a core number of friends. You all know who your are. Each and everyone of you are near and dear to my heart.

2) I want you all to know I am not always on here answering or making comments on posts .. I have had to deal with some family medical issues with my mom .. not serious but due in part to the pandemic we have had to change how we do a few things and playing catch up.

A- I am not more than a direct message away .. so just message me .if you call I will answer “Barenaked Ladies “…love that song Call and Answer

Love ya all …




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Chris Nersinger

Was born the same year that DR. NO (1962) premiered. His first movie, viewed at age 3 was MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS(1958).