Super Spy Sunday — Honey West …a female “agent” breaking barriers on the small screen and in between the pages!

  • A CD was released featuring a remastered soundtrack — out of print , and if you can find it I advise you grab it.. recently spotted for around $40.00 worth it.
  • trivia- more recently some of her comic adventures a la Moonstone Publishing was brought to life as an audible. Done with a full cast and more in line with a vintage radio program. Sound effects included. Rounding out the experience is a credible cast in the voice department.
  • Check your local comic book shops for these more recent (but still to be considered back issues…) Honey West comics -scripted/written by Vertigo writer Elaine Lee and illustrated by Ronn Sutton. Illustrated books by Trina Robbins/Silvestre Szilagyi
  • When in the Orlando area stop BAMF Comics & Coffee in Maitland. A Comics Coffee Community
  • Bedknobs-Loaded with some brilliant matte work and practical effects from Peter Ellenshaw. Plus one of the breeziest and most whimsical fun since Mary Poppins. This is a kids delight.
  • ** Crash — Charles Band of Full Moon Features- production house and streaming service. Directed his first time out what would become a cult classic and a rarely seen film.
  • Last appearance, Crash the TV series and no relation to the 1977 film listed above.



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Chris Nersinger

Chris Nersinger


Was born the same year that DR. NO (1962) premiered. His first movie, viewed at age 3 was MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS(1958).