Nobody Does it Better than George Lazenby!!!! OHMSS 50TH Anniversary and counting…

Start your celebrating early-the 50th Anniversary of OHMSS- On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Yes, can you believe it- this year marks the 50th of the one time portrayal of James Bond-007 by the great George Lazenby. George being the most controversial of all the actors to ever utter “My name is Bond, James Bond”. But OHMSS is also the most dramatic episode in the film series aside from Casino Royale with Daniel (Craig’s 2006 debut as the ultimate gentleman secret agent).

The year was 1969. Lots of things were happening that year. The lingo was far out and groovy man. Think Austin powers with maybe a little more subdued ambiance, but not that off the beaten path. Oh behaave!!!!

Keep in mind that by the end of 60’s we saw a great dane that went on to be one of the most popular cartoon characters of the next several decades and continues to be to this day.

Yes I’m talking about about none other than that lovable, no good, meddling Scooby Doo.

So being the end of the 60’s just could not go out without a bang or a moon landing, which we all witnessed thanks to the brave crew of the Apollo 11.( Celebrating a 50th this year on July 21st-it was a Sunday night back in good ol 69 when the Eagle — lunar module- landed on the moon)

Above : Link to CBS’ Walter Cronkite and the Apollo missions

And they delivered with a hair standing on end finish. Because we are talking almost running out of fuel and being within a few feet of crashing. Also, it was the age of the “love ins”, Woodstock and riots happening just about everywhere -be it a college campus, soccer match between El Salvador and Honduras (this came close to starting a war. But it is a very passionate game as we all know) and civil rights were still in question. Richard Nixon took the oath of the presidency of the United States.

Get Smart was still on the air and making us laugh with his shoe phone and “missed it by this much” & “ Would you believe?”

In music Elvis was recording his comeback album From Elvis in Memphis which included among its titles the hit song Suspicious Minds and In the Ghetto. The Montreal Expos become the first baseball team from outside the US to become part of the American baseball league. The EPA -Environmental Protection Agency is created. and The Haunted Mansion opens in Disneyland. Make love not war was plastered all over. Love beads and peace sings as well. My favorite cartoon made its debut in September of that year on Saturday Morning TV -good ol’ Scooby Doo.

Above- Thumpity Thump Thump look at Frosty go!!!!- Rankin Bass’ Classic animated tale.

On the Christmas special front one of my favorites-Frosty The Snowman began its run on CBS for several runs(a new Deluxe version has been released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment on Bluray and features new bonus material: a first time Audio Commentary) .The BBC and ITV both started regular colour broadcasting. Births that year included Jason Bateman, Jesse Martin (CW-The Flash), Dave Bautista, Patton Oswalt, Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Anne Heche, Benny Chan Ho Man-Hong Kong actor, Chisa Yokoyama Japanese voice actress and Chyna-American professional female wrestler. The box-office was burning up in 69' with soon to be classic cinema that included Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West, Where Eagles Dare( Clint Eastwood/Richard Burton), Sweet Charity(Shirley Maclaine), a much heralded Midnight Cowboy( X-rated at the time), Easy Rider and Disney’s The Love Bug raced to the bank and the hearts of movie goers worldwide.

…Fashion of the late 60’s including 1969 still showcased go-go boots, mini-skirts and . The TV series Laugh- in really put these to good use with flash segments featuring go-go dancers on the floor or in cages leading into a skit.

Turtlenecks were in high demand thanks to films like Bullitt with Steve McQueen(NATO Star of the Year-1969) as the lead and actors like James Garner and James Coburn.

Covers of GQ magazine helped set the trends for mens clothes. It was ok for men to be stylish and of course we all know that that certain British agent was one of the best dressed in the circles of espionage.

Checked patterns and stripes were the thing.Neon colors and psychedelic prints were the rage. Bell bottom jeans and tie die for women. Transparent sleeves for women along with Nehru suits for men rounded out the late sixties.

Oh and how about all those various shades of green & yellow in regards to wall to wall carpeting & mod interior design..ouch!!! it even pervaded into the early 70’s .. uhh!!!

Fashions selling cars? Check this out…

Or was girls selling cars or in this case tires- Goodyear introduced a wide treaded tire — nicked-named Wide Boots. Every ad featured a girl in various stages of dress and of course wearing mod boots. Now think about this- in the united Kingdom girls are referred to as birds and what we call trunks in America are called the boot. In fact Bond mentions boot in OHMSS. Now here’s one for thought — If a lad in England happens to tell a bird she has a nice boot is he speaking about her trunk of her car or something else? hmmm?

In the realm of food- the first Wendy’s restaurant opened in 1969 in Columbus,Ohio. The Frito-Bandito was making his way run across America via national TV and magazine ads. And remember all that fun movie candy- Boston Baked Beans, Atomic Fireballs, Fruit Bombs, gumdrops and Sunkist Fruit Gems. But my favorite was Junior Mints.

Taking in the local Drive-In? Then you might have been trudging back to the convertible or the family station wagon with a load of cheeseburgers, a few orders of fries and a couple of chocolate malts, frozen hand dipped chocolate covered banana or some ice cream sandwiches. Oh! and don’t forget your bug off for those pesky mosquitoes. Whew all this and not even scratching the surface, however something more important than of all these things was weighing in on the minds of many a cinema patron. This one question would be answered at the tail end of this decade….?

The world was awaiting the debut of a new Bond. New Bond movie and a new Bond girl. A new John Barry score accompanied by not one but two songs with lyrics by Hal David. A new first time director and skiing, lots of snow, did i say skiing, avalanches, bob sleds & more skiing. Amazing locations-the French Riviera, Swiss Alps and Spain. If this was not enough, 007’s greatest arch nemesis-Blofeld was back. They would not be disappointed.

Pre- Production started the year before with a search to replace Sean Connery since he made it clear that You Only Live Twice would be his last time he would assume the role of that made him world famous do to the pressures that Bond brought him, being mobbed when out in public… the press showing up once in the bathroom during the filming of You Only Live Twice. Connery had just arrived in Japan and sitting in a bathroom stall at the airport. A reporter decides to take advantage and starts firing away with questions. Not the choice locale for an interview. This was the last straw for Sean. No more, I’m done playing Bond.

Above- courtesy of MI6-HQ-George rehearsing fight scene

George Lazenby had been cast and assigned one of the most challenging assignments to ever come across M’s desk and Universal Imports assignments. Taking on the role originally established by Sean Connery back in 1962. Becoming one of the world’s most famous pop culture personas, George had his work cut out for him. And he was also the youngest ever to play 007 at 29. This brings up what would lead to a concern, was he ready to accept the pressures that went with the gig. He had possibly gotten in over his head, at least it is one of the thoughts that went through his head at least once a day. But to his favor he fought hard and proved himself worthy of all the would-be contenders up for the role. From the moment he found out he was in contention he did everything and anything to land the role as Bond. He went to the same barber that Connery did and had his hair cut in the saem style and then stopped by the tailor Connery frequented and was able to pick up a suit that was cut for Sean. George sported not just the haircut and clothes of 007, he possessed the stature and the cunning as well. His famous ascent up the stairs to Harry Saltzman’s office and the way he sneaked past the secretary is extremely clever. Harry assumed that if this guy was walking thru his door that he must have had an appointment and been thoroughly screened as was not the case at all. But George schmoozed Harry and impressed Peter Hunt. George did have a couple of tests that were a must in order to clinch the role of James Bond. An on screen fight and the rumored girl that was sent to Georges’ room one night- remember george had only done a few commercials and was a male model.

Above: Fruit Parfait ice cream commercial for the theaters- look for a short shot of George-ironic that the words describing these delicious looking desserts are cool, exciting-sophisticated-sounds a little like 007…hmm

George had to prove he was a ladies man for real. The rest is history including the wonderfully landed punch to the stuntman that sent him flying and cemented Lazenby as the next to be sporting a shoulder holster and stepping in front of the camera to be viewed thru a gun-barrel.

OHMSS is simply a great film and combines several genres within an action movie. For one it is a love story. Romance is a prominent feature and theme throughout the story along with it offering two holidays sprinkled in- Christmas and New Year plus wedding festivities. And yes of course spectacular stunts and world class locales.

Jaw dropping photography. A credible editor turned director-Peter Hunt with 2nd unit director -John Glen (would later go on to helm the last three Roger Moore Bonds and Timothy Dalton’s venture into the world of espionage). This Bond outing was a grittier version of 007 and Lazenby provided a 007 who while still be suave and debonair one moment and the next sporting a grimace that gives one the feeling that he would not hesitate to take you out if the occasion called for it all the time throwing out some one liner quibs in funeral parlor decor.

For example during the ski chase with Blofeld and company hot the “heels” of Bond and Tracy one of the henchman runs afoul of a grinder on a large snow removal vehicle with blood spewing out of its vent as James says “well at least he had lots of guts…” So this sardonic humor along with plenty of action that is supported incredible stunt work with car chases on ice, break neck- speed paced fights- even fist to cuffs in 3 feet of water and the intro of winter sports, including high end ski chases directed by Alpine ski champion Willy Bogner Jr. -Below

Bogner would return to the world of 007 twice more behind the camera for The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only(which featured some incredible mountain climbing scenes along with a ski chase that takes place on a bobsled run all in 70mm) and A View to a Kill. Here’s an interesting bit of trivia-Willy Jr is also part of the Bogner Fashion company and inherited the line from his father Willy Sr.

Introducing the new Bond:

There was a huge risk involved with casting a new 007 and the producers were very aware of this. Connery being disgruntled over the last production had tainted the public with a comment during an interview stating that the last couple of Bonds were lacking in the storyline and the gadgets were becoming a larger part of the storyline. Peter hunt decided to go back to the basics and stay close to the original Fleming novels and OHMSS was the wisest choice. Peter stated in an interview that everything was right there in the novel and the screenplay stuck very close to the book. Gone were the gimmicks and gadgets that had become a staple in the later Connery films and like Dr No really did not have to take any liberties.

When it came to marketing On Her Majesty’s Secret Service they didn’t take any chances — the posters advertised Bond, not an actor playing him. The cast is listed below the the title including George and promoting Bond as real person — the plug a different Bond, a different Bond Girl…etc. See the trailer below:

The Classic On Screen Bond Intro or My names is Bond, James Bond. — — Dr No vs OHMSS

Above a most iconic moment in film history

Comparison to Dr No in how we are introduced to the new 007 is almost a nod or tribute to how the movie audience met Bond/Connery in the very first film. The scene inside a London casino with our subjects back to the audience at times with only a hand distributing cards to an opponent via a shoe is really a classic bit of cinema. We can hear his voice as he gives his admiration to his opponent while playing Baccarat. I admire your courage Miss eh?- Trench, Sylvia Trench and I admire your style Mr eh? We hear the James Bond theme build in the background as Connery lights a cigarette and utters those now famous words- Bond, James Bond

For your viewing/listening pleasure as you read the following paragraph click on link above…

Well in OHMSS we are treated to a similar set up except this time it takes place over a couple scenes as Bond is passed on the road by a recklessly driven, red Cougar (Ford Mercury) and almost forced off the road. Here the scene cuts to from the back of the driver to the mouth as he lights a cigarette and the Bond theme slowly rises in the background. Then we see his eyes as he is peering out through a telescopic lens at th young girl who has now left the jag and headed into the surf with no intentions of coming back. Bond races down the beach and rescues the girl. Places on the sand makes the classic intro as the camera pans up from the damsel in distress freezes on Georges’ face as he says, “Good morning. My name is Bond, James Bond.” As actors would take over the duties as the new 007 thru the years there would almost always be some clever way to reveal the new actors face to the fans. The exception Roger Moore, who was so well known when he assumed the mantle after Sean really said his (final) goodbye to EON Productions with Diamonds Are Forever. Roger stepped into the shoes as 007 in the stunt laden Live and Let Die. He was world famous for his characterization of Leslie Charteris’ The Saint as well as several other TV series and films, so there was no need to be so dramatic.

Bond/OHMSS on Bluray:

Distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment available on Amazon, EBAY and via Best Buy. there are titles available individually and in bundles by actor Sean Connery and Roger Moore have two vols each and Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan have one each. Lazenby one title with Dalton 2 titles or the Ultimate James Bond Bluray collection which currently has been updated to include the most recent film in the series-SPECTRE. The entire series has been remastered and restored. The Bluray picture quality is beyond Bond. Never looking better. What is amazing is that all of these films were originally released in DVD format and had been pushed to the max of that particular technology. Because of this, all that had to be done was covert all material to Bluray. Stunning is what you end up with and all are a must have in your collection for all those fans of Bond and students of the cinema.


A few years ago several versions of the film were released on Bluray. What I mean by versions are not print versions but packaging-steel case, cover art on cardboard stock as a wrap around with additional pictures and promotional material on inner flaps. All came with a HD digital copy via ultraviolet and the disc itself was loaded with extras and bonus material.

Audio commentaries-sometimes with more than one some include the director and producers, a separate track includes the cast as well as the director & crew,

Inside On-A making of the film : with Patrick Macnee narrating- These are awesome-all with interviews cast and crew plus behind the scenes stories and footage. These were done for all the films from Sean through Roger Moore.

Special documentaries concerning the music of Bond, the affect and influence that 007 has had on the world at large and how this gentleman secret agent created a world phenomenon, special effects artists, stunts, directors , producers and the gadgets of Q.

Trailers and marketing material from around the world which may include images of international posters and publicity material-

Above-Even Diana Rigg gets the star treatment and her character..

OHMSS special Bluray features- specific to this film only- Radio commercials that ran on the airwaves to advertise the films release and were customizable for radio stations in their local markets and interviews recorded on the set with the cast including George Lazenby. This was not done for every Bond film.

Shot on Ice-Ford promo film- a Ford Mustang is the car Diana Riggs character owns in the story and is visible throughout the film especially during a key part of 007’s escape from Blofeld’s lair.

It is the other main vehicle aside from the Aston Martin Bond is seen driving in the beginning and end of the movie.

Right-Vintage car ad 1969

Swiss Movement & Above it All-original 1969 featurettes

Inside Q’S Lab- everything you always wanted to know about all those magnificent gadgets.

Movie trivia fact-

Featurettes-consisted of footage and narration shot on the set during filming along with interviews of cast and crew. These were used to promote the films to distributors, movie audiences and Television. Television networks back in the 60’s and 70’s in order to film slots of time left over from a film that ran less than a 2 hr format would place a featurette in that space to fill a 2 hr window. Especially leading up to the 11 o’clock news. In the later years of the 70’s when networks started to really capitalize on there exclusive contracts with the film studios would use these to promote next years or even their fall/spring movies of the week or weekend film line up. NBC had the Saturday Night , CBS had the Wednesday night ,Friday Night slot and a late nite movie also. ABC had Sunday night movie right after Wonderful World of Disney. and a special Monday night which is I saw OHMSS originally shown in two parts due the almost 2 1/2 hr running time. I know I have left some other nights of the list but you get the general idea. Other than featurettes ABC used to run were shorts from Wide World of Sports and Thrill-seekers ( a 15 min documentary on the likes of Evel Knievel, drag racers, martial arts … extreme sports and stunts) as fillers. CBS would run NFL Films 15 to 30 minutes in length. Also making the scene on the weekends were Warren Miller’s outstanding ski shorts.

Tagline- Far Up! Far Out! Far More! James Bond 007 is Back!

Bond Family Crest- has the moto “The World is not Enough”

Above- Japanese Press Release-

Further reading-

The James Bond Archive- a 10 lb hardcover library addition available on Amazon with over 700 pages with a chapter devoted to each and every Bond film through SPECTRE starring Daniel Craig & including Never Say Never Again and the Casino Royale version from 1967 starring David Niven- helmed by 5 different directors released by Columbia Pictures.

ABC -ABC Network licensed all the official EON Production Bond films and began airing the films in the early 70’s. Sometimes with additional *scenes or edits* to the movie. OHMSS was no exception. In fact the night of its’ Television premiere which was on a Monday with an earlier air time of 8:30 pm. I was ready to watch. Had my handy dandy cassette recorder to record**. As far as I know this was the only film to have have edited to affect the timeline of the how the story originally unfolded in front of the movie audience back in 69. OHMSS was edited as if it was a flashback with 007 narrating the opening and the film started in the middle of the story and then went back a few weeks prior. I had no idea for many years that was not the way the film originally played out. But it was effective in this case because it let the audience know right off that this was still an action/adventure story. Since it opened at the beginning of the amazing ski chase as Bond is escaping Blofeld’s hideaway. I was hooked, and this helped with what for a younger viewer would have been considered “mush” — you know all that romance “junk” -just watch a couple of My Three Sons episodes and you’ll understand. So this was a clever idea. Don’t know if that was the intent by the programmers at ABC. It did work for me. And it did do very well in the ratings… I believe that it was near Valentines Day when it first aired…

* Additional scenes or edits to films airing on network Television has been something that has been occurring at a more noticeable rate from the late 60’s thru the late 80’s and into the 90’s. Edits may happen due to mature theme, language or sometimes just to make a films running time fit within a 2hr window. Edits can affect the intent of the film and even affect the emotional content of the scene. I remember seeing Mother, Jugs and Speed in the theater and was laughing my head off at times. When it aired on TV I didn’t even recognize it There had been so many edits that it was enjoyable. Famous one is Scarface- a film heavily laden with adult language and themes(violence was a mainstay of the storyline). There were additional scenes edited in to give it a softer padding and all of a particular word replaced. The result, not such the gut wrenching, hard edged crime thriller that appeared on the big screen.

** Remember there were no VHS machines around then or if so extremely expensive. say over a $1000.00. And that was a lot of money back then. Ironically today times and prices have changed considerably- say a UHD Bluray can be gotten for less than $200.00 and that would an all region player. *

George Lazenby-Before and After Bond

On set of OHMSS-between takes having some fun- that is a happy guy….

George was born in New South Wales, Australia. The only Aussie to have portrayed 007 and he was the only actor in the Bond Film Franchise to have been nominated for the Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year-Actor 1969 for his role in OHMSS. Born in 1939-September 5th. He served in the Australian army for a while, then became a car salesman and mechanic. He later moved to London in pursuit of a woman. There he continued with car sales, then on the advice of an agent he became a model and involved with commercials. George could have stayed in this part of the business and would have very successful. in one year he earned 25,000 pounds British which in today’s economy is worth 444,000 pounds. He was paid 4 pounds a day above any other male models during the 60’s and was famous for the Big Fry Chocolate ads on Tele. The commercials caught the eye of the Bond producers and at the recommendation of his agent pursued the role most aggressively. What after that we all know.

After Bond, Lazenby having decided not to do any additional Bond roles, worked in Italy, Hong Kong, Hollywood and Australia. George starred in Who Saw Her Die -a Giallo film. Avery good one and critics really liked his performance. With martial arts films taking the world by storm he went to Hong Kong. Originally meeting with Bruce lee and Raymond Chow to star in what would be Lee’s greatest film had it been completed. George was offered 10,000(today’s market-$55,000 approx). never happened due to Lees untimely death. But George did stay to make several films for Golden Harvest including two with the Lady of Kung Fu cinema-Angela Mao- Stoner- (74) an excellent actioner taking on drug dealers and an international crime cartel and a caper film involving the assassination plot to kill Queen Elizabeth. Titled A Queen’s Ransom(76) which I saw at the Coronet upon its release in the states.

Alternate Title-poster

International Assassin-no mention of Angela Mao

Fun movie with a who’s who cast including Wang Yu(One Armed Boxer), Angela Mao(Hapkido), Judith Brown, Yang Sze (Bolo-Enter The Dragon), Chen Kuan and Dean Shek ( A Better Tomorrow 2 and Drunken Master (1978) .

The Man From Hong Kong aka The Dragon Flies (75') which generated a top 40 hit Skyhigh. This outing cast George as the villian. Filmed in Australia and joint production with Golden Harvest and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Brian known for his stunt laden films. An excellent director and can be seen on Joe Dante’s Trailers From Hell available on Full Moon Streaming service(via Roku, Amazon and your pc.). For American audiences George appeared in Evening in Byzantium which concerned terrorists taking over the Cannes Film Festival. The television production starred Glenn Ford (Cade’s County & Superman-1978), Eddie Albert (Green Acres/Switch) and Vince Edward s(Ben Casey) and Erin Gray (TV series-Buck Rogers and Silver Spoons).

In later years he has appeared as Confederate Gen Johnston Pettigrew in the made for Television film Gettysburg and The Pretender (1996–2000) in a recurring guest role as Jarod’s father. Most recently Hulu- docudrama Becoming Bond 2017 telling the story of how George Lazenby became 007. Over the years he has become a favorite at comic cons throughout the world. The film OHMSS has grown to a cult status and is regarded as one of the best Bonds ever by fans and critics alike.

The James Bond Christmas Connection:

The plot: Bond has been in hot pursuit of Blofeld since the ending of You Only Live Twice. And he is bound and determined to bring him down (Girls). While off in the French Riviera possibly mixing business with pleasure, he runs across literally a girl who can almost out drive 007 and we all that is hard to do. But this is not like some of the other girls that have popped up in his life most are there for one adventure if they even survive till the end of the film.,.she is tough, resilient and still one for the that is not hard to look at all: her name Tracy. But she has a past, one that she seems to be running away from(more girls). Enter James Bond as she basically runs him off the road in a very careless hurry to get to the ocean. She parks her car and then runs into the surf. Her goal not to come back…to end her life. Bond gets to the beach in time to pull her out. But like any gentlemen secret agent trouble usually follows. Just as he is finishes introducing himself . A gun is thrust in his face and his told not to move. The girl is held at knife point and Bond is motioned into an empty rowboat. He manages to disable his opponent and all while playing fist to cuffs in the surf-which is one of the best choreographed fights I have ever scene even by today’s standards. Bond finally catches up with Tracy at a hotel/casino… shortly after a courtship ensues as well as 007’s quest to track down Blofeld. The plot includes Blofeld trying to distribute a bacteria that will threaten the world’s livestock, hoping to ransom this in return for a pardon and proclaiming his heritage as royalty. the story evolves over the Christmas/New Years holiday.

Below-Lazenby in publicity with all the Bond girls from OHMSS

Did I mention girls and more girls-well that is putting it mildly- how about 007 all alone on assignment with a bevy of girls being treated at ze clinic high atop a mountain! Who said this job didn’t come with perks? Here amongst the setting of a big Christmas tree decorated to the hilt and garland strung about. Fireplaces, eggnog what else do you need?

Above-Blofeld(Telly Savalas) decorating for the holidays

There is a song about Christmas trees that appears in the background as Bond is actually in need of rescuing all the while trying to hide at an outdoor ice rink. Just know without revealing anymore of the plot, the film is evenly paced between the romance and action sequences with some amazing stunts featuring 007 on the run from Blofeld’s henchmen via an incredible ski chase and a snow race in cars on a racetrack made of ice. Besides this we get a man to man battle on a bobsled run… whew just doesn’t get any better than this.

Above- fan art

Festive release dates:

Ever since the first installment in the series, Dr No, Bond was an anticipated and welcomed face on the big screen. The series best box-office usually were when they had a late fall/December release. For the movie going audience it meant great holiday fun. This not only made it a tradition to join his latest assignment, but it made for treasured family outing. Although OHMSS had a holiday storyline it also was one of the titles to get a late fall release date along with Diamonds Are Forever, The Man with The Golden Gun, Goldeneye and Skyfall. The first three had special teaser posters and trailers designed to entice the fans to take in the holidays with 007. Goldeneye for example went as far as a regular teaser and trailer for the general release. Then as the holidays approached one for spending Christmas with James Bond and one for New Years…the later to ring in the New Year with 007.

Above: poster for international Bond Festival- Italy

James Bond Film Festivals:

I don’t know how often these take place in today’s world, but I would say not enough as far as I am concerned. There was a time when these were held once or twice a year on college campuses. Which I was privy to attend back in the late 70’s. The nice thing is they were open to the public. The titles would always include all the films that had been released in the theaters up to that time. These were always a sell out-jammed packed -not an empty seat left in the house. People would gather on a Friday night and camp out until the end credits would roll and the one who were still left at the end would receive some neat goodies. The fun was being surrounded with all these Bond fans. Sharing the rollercoaster ride of laffs and thrills with some good pithy comebacks. That funeral parlor humor that would break the tension after a breakneck paces chase and fist to cuffs which usually left someone as a permanent fixture of a glass window. There is nothing like experiencing 007 with a large group of theater goers. Everyone either laughing or sighing at the same time. It’s all about the collective spirit. I bring this up for discussion hoping that fans will bug Fathom Events to release these films again to the theaters and at least On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

I would make it to every screening. These are films that deserve to be on the big screen, it is a great way the introduce the series to new fans around the world. Think about that magic moment when the gun barrel rolls across the screen and a dark figure walks into the view of the gun barrel and draws his gun and fires. From that point on we all know we are in for one great adventure loaded with action and fun. So I urge everyone to reach out to Fathom Events, EON Productions. Tell them how much you would like to see James Bond up on the big screen.

Above-Japanese release poster

As we come to a close wrapping up all things OHMSS and the year 1969 one thing is for certain the year 1969 was a year of change, tribulations,wild fashions and during all that, one man made his mark on the world in his own way- George Lazenby. He was James Bond. Bringing more depth to this iconic character and leaving the world wanting more adventure, more action and more 007. He proved that the role was not limited to one actor, others could portray the most gentleman secret agent and do it with emotion and flair. He stamped his interpretation on Ian Fleming’s Bond and was perhaps one of the closest thus far to the novels. He did it with style. Thank you George for being one of my favorite Bonds and for showing what with zeal and determination can make dreams come true.

So this is Doc saying goodnight Mrs Calabash wherever you are? As always be Dangerous and Diabolik — see ya next issue….

Below links to Fathom Events and Amazon:


James Bond Archives-Spectre Edition

Fathom Events:



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