Just Listening Helps?!!!Charities Benefit!

Channel 007, Surf Sounds, Five Star Radio, Lost ’80s and more…way more on AccuRadio.

My name is Radio, Accu Radio…

Who thought youcould help raise funds for charities just for listening to music. Well AccuRadio does. And every year around the Holidays they help numerous charites and so do you the listener. It’s that easy and it’s free for you. AccuRadio sets aside monies for charity through there ad revenue. Plus you choose from three categories and designate to all of one or to be split.

What I love is listening my favorite songs on my Five Star Radio channel or Channel 007. Imagine taking Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey or John Barry’s James Bond theme and knowing that someone or someones are going recieve help from a charity. Much needed and may have gone or will go without an essential be it clothing or food — even shelter.

I am not sure how long AccuRadio has been doing this but for sure the last 4 or 5. That is when I seem to recall seeing it for the first time.

For those of you who are unfamilar or have never heard of AccuRadio it is a streaming website with apps available for Roku, PC and phones where you can listen just as far as I know just about every and all genre of music including sub-genres.

Everyhthing from Surf Sounds mixed with the Beach Boys to Dick Dale to Jan & Dean. Best of the ’70s and’80s to Miami Vice Throwback channel.

Offereing all those great songs feature over the five seasons — many tearing up the Billboard charts back in the day…
  • ** featuring two of my all time favorites Smugglers Blues by Glenn Frey(see link below)plus Red Ryder’s Lunatic Fringe-a Pink Floyd sound and more and one of the first music videos ever ..created and produced before M-TV, try USA’s Night Flight.

If it’s Holiday tunes.. then how about a channel that has every version of Baby It’s Cold Outside & that includes the original song featuring none other then Riccardo Montabaln?— way before “Boss, De De Plane” .

And the King of Cool-Dean Martin crooning It’s a Marshmallow World

Plus pull out the old blender and mix a couple of cool ones and not taling drinks we are talking tunes...Daddy-o. I mean like channels to create your own channels. I being such a major Bond fan mixed Channel 007 with The Secret Agent channel. which gives me an extra helping of the Shaken Not Stirred. A couple 0'cubes added and I am cooled.

***you may hear a piece of ear candy like this -


So make sure to swing in for some good times and music your way and just know you are helping people just by having a listen… the more you do the more someone in need is being helped it might even be the furry type as in a would be pet or a little person who can’t help themselves… and you may be putting shoes on someones feet or clothes on their back… or helping a support program continue… now that makes you a hero in my book …

Have a listen you won’t be disappointed — it just might be that perfect mix of tunes for your Holiday party or to kick your shoes off to…

So happy holidays from Reviews on the Edge and Doc…

And don’t forget that the article you maybe readinfg may have been wriiten by a friend or a family here on Medium .. so show your support …why noy take a peak around … we always have room for more fans and memembers…

See ya next year….

***A little bonus from me to you…



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