Godzilla 1984-(The Return of Godzilla)

It’s happening again-Japan is being invaded by a big green giant with a major cae of “bad” radioactive breathe and a killer tail… yeah it’s ..oh no ..Godzilla. Rising up out of the sea to cause a run for your life battle for all “mankind” …

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Bluray-Kraken Releasing

Godzilla 1984 heralded in a new era for Godzilla, absent from the big screen for over 9 years. The last time Godzilla had appeared on screen was back in 1975 in Terror of Mechagodzilla and due to its failure at the box-office, nearly sunk the franchise and the big green guy. And at this point also alienated many of the adults who had been faithful thru most of Godzillas’ on screen adventures. Godzilla had simply lost its [bite] as a destructive force of nature[not to mention his effect on the movie going public].

Appearing in 1954 with a major roar and stomping all the way to the boxoffice he has been a force to reckon with at the boxoffice and the silver screen.

His story is of one force that had seemed as if he was put on this earth via mans’ own ignorance. Ignorant of the consequences of entering the atomic age and of what responsibilities come with yielding such great power. A most stoic concept being that we lived thru a cold war and was due to end in the coming years in real life.

I was hooked on Godzilla from the moment the opening credits burst upon the screen and this music began to play. Akira Ikufube-genious, talented-insightful.

I myself grew up watching Godzilla, King of the Monsters featuring Raymond Burr on late night TV and catching a matinee here and there the theaters in the later 60’s and early 70’s (Destroy All Monsters- must have seen it 8 times and Godzilla vs The Smog Monster 5 times ). All at the Rivera for a $1.00 on the kiddie matinee with my neighborhood gang-David, Mike n Pete along with their sisters (Marie n Ginny)we had a blast!!! Especially since the Rivera was built back in the day when theaters had balconies.

Sometimes the Big G would show up at the local Drive-In. [this ad is from my old stomping grounds, Rochester N.Y.- the mention of car heaters… this was a Halloween Weekend event]

So we got hang our heads over the balcony railing and from up there ironically Godzilla loomed ever larger -if that is even possible. Those were the good old days filled with popcorn, Milk Duds, Sunkist Fruit Gems and Smarties/Fruit Bombs). All that fun and our favorite guy in green seemed to have disappeared and would hear rumors in monster mags that there would be a new Godzilla.

But alas nothing for years and then I heard and long after the gang had stopped hanging around and gone into our separate directions that there was going to be a new Godzilla released in the states again with Raymond Burr aka Godzilla 1985 .. I was all excited…now by the time I was able to see it had gone to cable and home video, so I watched it on VHS and I couldn’t help but to think that this movie was missing something and just did not have the feel of what I had read about in some of the reviews and the horror zines .. for it was not the same version I had read about and some 20 minutes had been cut from the American version and the Raymond Burr scenes edited in…Lost was the harder-darker edge that the Japanese release was all about and that is what I had been waiting for.

Well it’s finally here and thanks to Kraken Releasing, this is the 1st time ever released in the US, we have a bluray with both a dubbed in English and a Japanese with English subtitles in yellow as an option (I prefer this version the best) and the trailer for the original release along with Godzilla vs the Sea Monster and vs the Smog Monster. Godzilla 1984 is amazing in HD/DTS HD audio. You are going to hear and see Godzilla like never before, plus this is a direct sequel to the original Godzilla 1954.

** At the time I originally entered my bomb shelter writing room to produce this piece It was years before Legendary Pictures would be picking up the mantle for the Godzilla series but since that time we have had three films with Godzilla and two starring my other favorite “big” guy -King Kong. I myself can’t wait to see what is next.

A darker tone not just the story line but the score really sets the new direction the Godzilla was head in to the ’80s and beyond…

The movie concerns a ship lost at sea that encounters not only a deadly storm but what appears to be a very large green scaly creature rising from underneath an island/volcano and an overgrown Sea Lous that has drained most of the fluids from all but one crew member-this creature has creepy written all over it. Truly one of the spookiest moments in the film. The film boasts a higher special effects budget especially when it comes to the sets and Godzillas’ moments of ground stomping, trashing n blasting of towns and buildings.

This is not any more evident then when Godzilla powers up- sending debris flying everywhere while the military tries it’s best to stop him So it’s up to you oh brave soul to see if Godzilla wins or will “man” prevail to live another day!!? I’m not telling, but I can highly recommend you either get on your bike, hop in a car and get your butt down to the nearest place where DVDS/Blurays are sold or let your fingers do the walking and stop by Amazom.com(was a bestseller in during pre-orders for over a month), DVD Planet, Deep Discount or FYE.

So, for now this is Doc Nersinger saying keep it green, ominous and with a thunderous roar- will see ya at the cinema.

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Godzilla vs Hedorah aka Smog Monster

This film was one of the first to deal with an environmental theme and the ever-growing problem of pollutants and water contamination. It is even more of a concern in times we live today.

Godzilla vs the Sea Monster aka Ebirah!

One of the more adventure-oriented stories in the Godzilla lore. Combining excellent sets and special effects and giving us our first possible genetically mutated foes/creatures. Who can say no to a oversized sea monster (a lobster) … can you say lobster role — this ain’t no resident of Maine.

(these two films are at collector prices so look around…)



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