Funky Friday Meets The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu-high flying kicks, villainous mayhem and a smorgasbord of talent! Martial arts action from the 70's…

  • Ken Takakura(Black Rain -1989) had starred in numerous films in Japan dealing with the Yakuza and the Japanese crime families. Honor and family-traditions that all make for strong stories that were full of emotion which would lead of course to unprecedented amounts of mayhem & violence in the form of karate, gunplay and the sword.
  • Honor is such a revered notion that there was a whole series of movies with honor in the title. This element was not all too unfamiliar to the western audience when it came to organized crime along with their families giving us box office hits like The Godfather(Marlon Brando), The Valchi Papers/The Stone Killer both starring Charles Bronson or The Brotherhood(Kirk Douglas).*
  • currently Deadly Hands of Kung Fu is available in a hard copy 2 volume omnibus-each sold separately or as a digital version via Amazon and single issues have also been recently released also in a digital format.
  • *Link below for Marvel has released two collected volumes of this highly influential magazine in beautiful Hardbound Omnibus -see link to Amazon…
George Perez at one of many pop culture events all ready to meet the fans …
  • George Perez popped on the comic book scene in 1974 with Astonishing Tales # 25 as a penciler giving life to Deathlock in a parody of same. This led to his involvement with Deadly Hands of Kung Fu magazine and the action series Sons of the Tiger which ran for several issues. Deadly Hands was a b/w magazine which featured comics including Master of Kung Fu and Iron Fist as well as articles/reviews on films and Television productions that displayed martial arts and latching onto the craze that was sweeping the country at the time. (Doesn’t everyone remember the hit tune Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas).
  • ** to note during Deadly Hands and actually continuing beyond it’s run there were several other magazines devoted to martial arts news with in depth articles, just not the comic stories- Blackbelt(still being published and in circulation as of today), mostly focusing on all forms, usually leaving out the entertainment side of the business.
Above — cover art fot MVD’s Bluray release of Slpit Second with Rutger Hauer and Kim Cattrall



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Chris Nersinger

Chris Nersinger

Was born the same year that DR. NO (1962) premiered. His first movie, viewed at age 3 was MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS(1958).