What makes me tick and where I come from- Was born the same year that DR. NO (1962) premiered. His first movie, viewed at age 3 was MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS(1958), which led to a series of recurring nightmares with a floating hand ...and was hooked on monster movies and Famous Monsters from that moment on. By age 8 he had his own movie theater and ran it successfully for sveral summers in his garage. All thanks to 8mm sound projector and good old Castle and Blackhawk films. He appeared as a background actor/extra in Fear No Evil(1981) -a film that domninated the Drive-In ciscuit that year at the boxoffice. He some how knew marketing and promotions would play a very important role in his film-loving life. He has worked for Time Warner and Regal Entertainment (QUANTUM OF SOLACE[2008] was his 2nd promo job!)and knows there 's nothing wrong with reading comic books and watching cartoons well into your 50s. He loves writing and claims that's what keeps his brain all squishy and nimble-like.

Catch me here @ https://docdrwho.medium.com/ Join me here for reviews & thoughts on film, televison ,comics, music and books ... world cinema, cult , exploitation, horror, gaillos, b-movies and Krimi -nostalgia, vintage, pop culture and more. Never a negative, if I am discussing any subject in the written word regarding all that is entertainment it will ne positive. I figure it this way if it's not here it may not be worth my time writing about it... and it takes less energy to be happy and upbeat than it does tobe negative.

Talks about #television, ##popculture, #cinematography, #creativewriting, and #artsandentertainment More in depth-

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Dynamic and energetic sales/management professional with over 20 years proven sales success, 9 years of hands on management and staff development experience,20 years of Film/TV criticism and entertainment reviews ,20 years in event marketing/Film promotions, 7 years Reviews on the Edge column for Time Warner, 3 years as Entertainment Reporter/Critic and consultant for Not Yet Rated-Rochester, N.Y-Freelance Writer for Weng's Chop(International Cinema and Retro Cult Entertainment).... offering creative marketing ideas for film/TV and other media, looking for opportunities to manage, recruit, and develop sales teams, coordinate promotional events, initiate /create new marketing concepts, freelance writing .social media *** now reaching over 2,000,000 readers *** New venture offering now a unique way of marketing your company thru company bios-telling your story on whole new level... Current - 3 short films and a comic book/series( animated/live action) in development- to be set in the DC Universe featuring a new hero to combat both the moderate and dark forces within the "criminal world" . Writer@ Weng's Chop (International Cinema/Pop Culture Agent/Promotions Sunny Dream Girl's World Music- Digital Platforms-US and International Circuits(The Americas, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Australia) and representing Cindy Wu singer/songwriter./performer

Music of influence- These are songs that can lift me up or act as muse for my writing and well self-being....

Chuck Magione- Feels So Good ..from "home" town and my dads old neighborhood-Galusha Street...enjoy...

Nik Kershaw-

MaCartney-can't leave this guy out...I mean no one spies like Paul...

Keep it simple-that goes along way. Make it fun and informative. Something my English teacher -Mrs Bear was very big on. One of my mentors in life and education.

Herbie J Pilato- upbeat and the most positive person I know... an incredible source of uplifiting vibes, a wealth of pop culture runs through his veins and we share the same passion all things TV Guide and Television Pop Culture. His one quote is "Television worth saving/preserving." When he discussing a classic show from the past that has extreme value in culture and mores. A well read author.

Favorite authors aside from Herbie J Pilato-


Sir Arthur Conan Dolye- Sherlock Holmes is one of my go tos'

Sax Rhomer- creator of Fu Manchu

Clive Cussler- Dirk Pitt creator

Randy Wayne White- Doc Ford and his adventures in the Floria Keyes and beyond-

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Was born the same year that DR. NO (1962) premiered. His first movie, viewed at age 3 was MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS(1958).