Above: Aug 1974 I recreated this make -up for Halloween and the costume, even the hat — scared the heck out of my next door neighbors daughter.

Nothing sets the mood better than some good ol fashioned Halloween music so here are some of the best starting off with Bobby “ Boris” Pickett and the Monster Mash.

There are enough tunes here for the entire trek through this trivia bonanza.

My Friends and Famous Monsters….a first…

New art for reversible slipcover by Tom Hodge of The Dude Designs

What is not supposed to be a lesson in how not to make a movie resulted in one the most sought after cult films.

Nothing like starting off a surfing article with some wave rippin tunes… so take it away boys…


The movie that gives insanity a bad name.

…the end of the trilogy! (There never was a 1 or a 3)

Catch a wave for the riotous surf-spoof that will wipe…

The art work above reflects the original Italian release poster.Also the alternate slip cover art for the 4K release from Kino.

Above — some traveling music as you explore the west according the “Spaghetti” Western…

Either answer or both can be applied as a description for a “spaghetti” western or Euro-western. And if you have never seen one you have no idea what you have been missing out on. They…

Chris Nersinger

Was born the same year that DR. NO (1962) premiered. His first movie, viewed at age 3 was MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS(1958).

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